Being a Centrist Feels As If I’m a Loser

A.J. Bryant
4 min readOct 17, 2022

Another Consequence of Increased Polarization

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I've spent most of my life toeing the line. My political views are not my sole identity and I try not to take extreme positions. But in 2022, that seems like a losing proposition.

There is no room for people like me, a moderate, holding middle-of-the-road views. It seems neither the left nor right tolerates someone that believes the world is grey. Society seems to only reward a black-and-white mindset.

But I say that the world is grey. Most choices are NOT binary. I am proud to have the ability to view different sides to most issues. I stay away from being drawn emotionally into political ideologies. I try to keep my passions in check. I reject the vitriol and dangerous rhetoric of those on the far-left and far-right.

If you’re waiting for me to say which policies on either side I agree or disagree with, prepare to wait a while. That would undermine the article’s purpose. A reader might read one stance, then immediately believe I’m of their tribe or completely dismiss me. And that would prove this entire piece’s point.

I was raised in the Christian church. I still attend weekly services. My faith is a big part of my life. I’m definitely not far-right. Yet, I would not characterize myself as on the far-left either. There are specific policies that I disagree with and never will.

For both left and right parties, there are issues that each platform expects me to believe in, that I do not. But I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. My political party is ‘Independent.’ I vote my conscience depending on the candidates.

I also have friends that are on both ends of the political spectrum and some, like me, are ‘closet’ centrists. I think it’s important to always be challenging yourself. I enjoy conversations and friendships requiring examination of my beliefs and viewpoints.

I have no problem with people who may change their position or have it evolve in time. The idea that someone would be right or left no matter what is foreign to me. My political views have shifted with education and experience. It’s human to absorb information and then act accordingly. One might believe something different when their knowledge deepens.

A.J. Bryant

Adopted from Kerala. I write about adoption, my intercultural marriage, and contemporary India. Prawns are my love language. @adoptedkeralite