I’m Adopted, But I’ll Never Take a Simple DNA Test

My family is those who raised me. Blood isn’t a factor.

A.J. Bryant
4 min readJul 1, 2021

I am adopted and my family history's blank, but I refuse to take a DNA test. I won’t buy one from any popular DIY firms. Nor will I pay for a professional genetics test.

Why? There are two reasons. I don’t trust companies dealing with DNA samples. And I’m not expending emotional energy for a family ‘search.’

On May 13, 2021, I attended a webinar called ‘Adoption, DNA Testing, and Genetics.’ It was hosted by the National Institutes of Health. My friend, an adoptee from South Korea moderated. The three panelists were also adopted.

The 62 attendees answered a simple first question. How many of them had participated in genetic ancestry testing? The answers surprised me. More than 50 percent were against it, 40% something was for it and the rest either didn’t have an opinion or were unsure.

You can write my name in pen in the ‘against it’ category. My thoughts will never change.

I wonder: “Why do adoptees place such importance on connection with blood relatives even if they were never part of our lives?

Adoptees have various answers to that question. Some have a gnawing hole, due to their lack of knowledge about their…



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