My Dad Wrote Me A Letter On My Adoption Anniversary

I’ve annotated his masterclass in love, humility, and understanding

A.J. Bryant


My parents and me: Photo by author

On the 40th anniversary of my Indian adoption, my Father wrote me a beautiful letter.

I arrived on June 15, 1980. My Dad was in Thailand for work. My mother in Madison, Wisconsin, sent him a telegram about my arrival.

My brother and sister are also adopted from India. However, none of us are blood relatives. We’re all from different places. I don’t know if he wrote similar letters to them.

This is how a parent should talk to their child about adoption. Its sentiments in many ways should be universal for parents about their kids.

It’s powerful and emotionally resonant.

His writing is in bold.

While I recognize that my joy was immeasurable that day (of my adoption), I’m cognizant that for you, it was the culmination of the most traumatic year of your life.

I can never know the pain and feelings of abandonment and loss that you experienced because of your adoption.

My parents have always recognized that transnational adoption has two sides. There’s the fairy tale, a child gets a forever home aspect. But the other element is a child separated…



A.J. Bryant

Adopted from Kerala. I write about adoption, my intercultural marriage, contemporary India and more. Prawns are my love language.